Sessions at Pattison's West

We offer everything from Private to Public from little kids to 18+ sessions. There truly is a session for everyone here at Pattison's West. Take a look below to discover our sessions and whats best for you.  Click here ​for our schedule.

Family Night

Wednesday & Sunday Family Night: Best value for your whole family to come roller skating. $5 per person admission and $1.00 rental for quads, $2.00 for inline.

Adult Night

Adult Session 18+ only on Wednesday and Sundays.  Did you used to come skating every Friday and Saturday night while in middle school?  Still like to skate?  This session is full of veteran skaters with their own skates to inspire you to dust off your old skates and rekindle your skating career. Find more information about our Adult Sessions here.

Friday & Saturday Night "Under the lights"

​Friday and Saturday Night:  Billboard Top 100 Hits and all the classic hits. On Friday & Saturday Evenings, everyone but adult chaperoning parents MUST PAY to rent skates, or bring their own in.  There are no hoods, bandanas, or mask allowed and patrons are expected to abide by our dress code. ​ We do regulate our music on every session to ensure it is edited and family friendly.


Saturday     &  Sunday    Afternoon 

Saturday and Sunday Afternoon: Families, kids, regulars.  Beginners and advanced skaters can enjoy our weekend afternoon sessions.  We play all the games from the limbo to the number game, Fast skate and the races, as well as reverse skate and the cha cha slide, hockey pokey and the chicken dance.   Skate trainers are available for rent for our beginners skaters.  Skate lessons also offered on Saturdays from 11:00-11:30pm.(Skate until 1pm)

We offer Birthday Parties for everyone in the afternoon and evening sessions. Please remember there is no outside food or drink allowed in the rink.  Birthday Parties are by reservation only.  No cake, gifts, balloons taken outside of your RESERVED party rooms.  THANK YOU

Skate Mates are allowed at all sessions.  They are $5 to rent, and you receive a $2 refund when returned.  They are on a first come first serve basis, and are for 10years old and under only.  Wheels chairs are allowed on the skating floor, strollers are not allowed.  Carrying of children with skates on is strictly prohibited.  Parents can walk on the floor with shoes on to assist their children at every session except Friday and Saturday Evenings. They must stay within 2 feet of the outside edge the Skating floor.