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Main Areas of Social Science

History – History is basically the study of past events. It is an attempt to understand the lives of people in the past. Historians study the writings and artifacts that have survived to know the real picture of life in past. The basic sources of historical evidences include buildings, roads, artworks, written evidences, tools etc. history is a complex and sometimes controversial subject. The methods used in the study include corroboration, prosopography, historical revisionism etc.


Law – Law are rules and standards that administer all aspects of society and are based on norms that are accepted by the community. Law regulates the government of a state, conduct of individual and relationship between individuals and government. There are different types of law which include criminal law, civil law, family law, constitutional law, international law, religious law etc.

Political science – Political science basically deals with the systems of government and theory and practice of government. Political also analysis the political systems. We also gather the study of rights, law, democracy and authority etc. political science includes subfields like political theory, political philosophy, political economy, national systems, direct democracy, foreign policy, public administration, international laws, policies etc. classical political philosophy, structuralism, behaviorism, realism, pluralism are some of the philosophies used in political science.


Psychology – Psychology in the study of behavior and mental processes. Behavior includes our overt actions and reactions such as facial expressions, talking, movement etc. mental processes refer to all covert activities of our mind like thinking, feeling, remembering etc. It studies the human mind and its functions. It looks at the factors that affect ones behavior. Psychology includes many subfields like clinical psychology, social psychology, sports, development psychology, clinical-nuero psychology, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology etc.

Sociology – Sociology is the study of society, human relations and institutions. Subject matter ranges from family to state and crime to religion. It also studies the different races, social classes, culture, beliefs etc. sociology investigates consequences of racial differences, gender identity, conflicts, religious faiths etc. and also examines law, prejudice, discrimination, urban and rural communities, poverty etc. sociology also studies economic development, population growth , war, migration etc. methods used in the study include research, case studies, surveys, interviewing, observation etc. clinical sociology, art sociology, business sociology, urban sociology, rural sociology, political sociology etc. are the various subfields of sociology.

Civics – According to studydaddy civics is the study of citizens, their rights, duties, privileges and obligations. It also deals with the study of government, civil code and civil law and civic affairs.

Environmental studies – It is the study of human interactions with the environment. It studies the relationship between natural environment and artificial / built environment. It helps people address the environmental problems by learning its causes, effects and possible solutions.

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