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Race Information 


PRACTICE $5: Thursday, March 1th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm


DEADLINE: Entries postmarked by February 23rd. Make one check payable to Pattison’s West. Please use our sign up spreadsheet and relays forms. (Electronic format available-xls)



Pro Woman and Mens Division (1500,500,3000)

Prizes: Roundtrip (Stanby tickets with Restrictions) to anywhere Southwest Airlines flies to men and woman's pro champion.

Large CA$H prize to be awarded to mens and woman's pro champion. 

$1,000 1st, $300 2nd, $150 3rd for men and woman's champion)

Winner also receives a Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit

***special announcement- winners will receive an automatic bid to NSC 2018 season. If winner has already qualified then it is awarded to 2nd place, and so on. 

-All Elite Divisions (No Grand)

-Novice Divisions (Juvenile-Esquire)



$10 entry. Winners get half the prize money. 

Juvenile, and Below 10 Laps.

Elementary and Freshman 15 Laps.    

Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Classic 30 Laps.

Grand Classic(eligible, must be at least 30 years old) and above  20 Laps.

*Skaters will draw cards to determine position. Prize money dictated by the number of participants.


Time Trial

"Fastest Man/Woman on Skates!)" Rolling start on what is regarded as the "fastest floor in the nation." Prize money determined by number of participants



RELAYS: Heat distance may be shortened to save time. 

-2 Person and 2 Mix Relays (Primary, Elementary, Sophomore, Senior, Classic, Master, Veteran)

3 PERSON RELAYS DRAW  $10 15 (3 any person for Juvenile, 3 Mix and 3 Person for Freshman, Senior, and Master)

Divisions: Juvenile and under

Elementary and Freshmen, 

Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Classic, 

Masters and above.

*Coaches please use your discretion when determining a skaters’ ability to do the 3-person draw. This is for the safety of all teams. 

-4 person Relays (4 Mix Only)  $15

-4 person draw $10 Random draw for skaters from all teams who sign up. JUV, FR, SR, MAS

Events with 3 or less entries may be ran with other events. 

Out of region skaters may cross team with other out of region  competitors for relays. 

Grand Champion races.

(Prizes Grand Champion Vie13 Skin Suits, Medals, and Cash)


First, second, third, from Elite Sophmore through Senior, qualify for the 15 lap race. Winner will receive $100. All 3 placements will also will receive a medal. Winner also receives a Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit


First, second, third from elite Freshman and below qualify for the 10 laps race. $100 to the winner and all 3 placements will also will receive a premium podium medal. Winner also receives a Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit



1st,2nd and 3rd for Classic and above qualify for the 10 laps race. $100 to the winner. All 3 placements will also will receive a medal. Winner also receives a Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit.


Visit our Website for more information


DIVISION: In Novice and Elite divisions, all 3 distance races will be ran. The Long distance race will be an automatic final and will be a rolling start if there are more than 8 skaters. Start position will be determined by order of points with the skater with the highest total in first and so on. Skaters without points will draw cards to determine starting position before the race.

Vender Booths available for $200


FLOOR SIZE:  90’ x 180’ Maple rotunda with fresh WP8 plastic. 8 skaters may be ran on the starting line. Widely considered "Fastest floor in the nation." We will regularly clean the track throughout the competition.

DIRECTIONS:  On I-5 take exit 142B. Turn right at Denny’s restaurant. Go 3/10 of a mile, rink is on your left side. Grey building with a blue strip. 


Past participants include 

Joey Mantia, Michael Cheek, Justin Stelly, Jarrett Paul, Adrion Workman, Brandon Hall, Donovan Sellers, Tanner Worley, Caleb Wakefield, Zac Sagiao, Wesley Gandy, Cooper McLeod, KC Boutiette, Sabian Tinson

Woman: Erin Jackson, Julie Brandt-Glass, Franchesca Bell, Kelsey Helman, Corie Stoddard,  Mariah Richardson, McKenzie Browne,  Chelsea LeGault, Melissa Perry. 


Thank you for your continued support of the Battle in Seattle, a mid Season classic that has spanned three decades and continues to be one of the premier indoor events in the USA. The Pattison family is always thankful for the nationwide support we have received and continue to receive. We are looking forward to another great year of racing!!


The Pattison Family